Post Run Stretches & Exercises With Emma Coburn And Emily Sisson

Post Run Stretches & Exercises With Emma Coburn And Emily Sisson

Post Run Stretches & Exercises With Emma Coburn And Emily Sisson

Written By: SportsShoes

It's not every day you can say that you've trained with Olympic athletes! In our latest #NoFunStandingStill AT HOME episode, US champions Emma Coburn and Emily Sisson team up to take you through their ultimate post run session.

Emma is an eight-times US champion steeplechaser, Olympic bronze medallist and 2017 World Champion based in Colorado. Arizona-based Emily is twice US champion and in 2019, at the Virgin Money London Marathon, gained the accolade of second fastest US female marathon debut.

Here both athletes combine their knowledge and experience to guide us through their favourite post run mobility exercises and share their top tips to keep you healthy, strong and ready for your next run.

Time: 25 Minutes


  • - Combination of stretching and strength drills to help keep the body fluid and mobile
  • - Helps reduce post-run stiffness and tightness
  • - Boosts blood flow to tired muscles and improves flexibility
  • - Helps reduce the risk of injury
  • - Promotes more effective recovery so that you're ready for your next run

Session Summary

Exercise 1: Ankle Mobility

  • - Can be done before or after runs to improve ankle mobility, key for runners
  • - Perfect for stiff ankles and Achilles issues
  • - Use an anchored resistance band or yoga strap and wrap in front of ankle
  • - Step forward, with one foot in front of other
  • - Then keeping both feet on floor, bending both knees, lightly stretch forwards and then return to position

Exercise 2: Sitting on Your Feet

  • - A nice stretch that is good for stiff ankles, calves or Achilles issues
  • - Kneeling on floor, sit back on your ankles
  • - Hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute

Exercise 3: Thoracic/Spine Mobility

  • - Good for loosening and boosting blood flow to stiff, tight areas, particularly the upper and lower back
  • - Lie on back and place a mobility or foam roller under back
  • - Roll up and down while moving arms up and down and from side to side

Exercise 4: Couch Stretch

  • - Great for quads, hip flexors and obliques
  • - Using the edge of a couch place one knee on the ground and shin against the couch
  • - Place opposite leg in front, with foot flat on ground and knee bent and aligned above the ankle
  • - Lengthen spine, engaging core and glutes
  • - Hold for 30-45 seconds on each side

Exercise 5: Bridges

  • - A great core and single leg exercise
  • - Can be done with or without a resistance band
  • - Lie on the floor with knees bent and back flat
  • - Press up through heels, engage core and raise hips
  • - Repeat 10 x and then switch to single leg

Exercise 6: Dead Bugs

  • - Great for hip flexors and core
  • - Lie flat on back with knees raised
  • - Stretch out opposite arm and leg
  • - Add resistance band to make harder

Exercise 7: Bird Dog

  • - A great exercise for glute engagement
  • - Table top position
  • - Keeping lower back still and straight, stretch out opposite arm and leg
  • - Use a band to add more resistance

Exercise 8: Spiderman March

  • - Great for adductors, groin and glutes
  • - Start in plank position
  • - Step forward into a lunge with knee outside hands
  • - Return to starting position, repeat on opposite side's #NoFunStandingStill AT HOME initiative features exclusive advice and workouts from our ambassadors and experts, helping runners and all fitness enthusiasts to stay motivated, fit and active – at home. Tune in via @sportsshoes Instagram for our latest livestreams covering everything you need to know from stretching and mobility to nutrition and motivating playlists.

For more advice for advice and workouts for runners, check out the Running Hub.

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