Yoga For Climbers with Molly Thompson-Smith

Yoga For Climbers with Molly Thompson-Smith

Yoga For Climbers with Molly Thompson-Smith

Written By: SportsShoes

Olympic hopeful and rising star in Lead Climbing, Molly Thompson-Smith joins us for our latest #NoFunStandingStill AT HOME session. Here, she guide us through a yoga flow routine for climbers followed by a questions and answer session on all things climbing-related.

Five times national champion, Scarpa athlete Molly is currently ranked 7th in the world and has her sights firmly set on Tokyo as the sport enters the Olympic Games for the first time. In this session Molly takes us through her own regular Yoga Flow workout, focusing on boosting mobility and flexibility and promoting general wellbeing and positive energy. In the video, Molly also shares her top tips and advice for aspiring climbers, so stick around after the yoga session.

Time: 30 minutes


  • Boosts mobility and flexibility
  • Gently strengthens the body
  • Promotes a positive, calm mindset
  • Tips and advice for new climbers

Molly’s Top Tips for Aspiring Climbers

The Best Time to Start Climbing

There’s no perfect time to start climbing and it’s never too late. Whilst age is no barrier to climbing, Molly acknowledges that it’s easier to pick up new skills the younger you are – so if you can get your children started early, they’ll learn much quicker.

Climbing Outside for the First Time

If you’ve never climbed outside before, it can seem quite daunting. Molly advises being with people you feel comfortable around and who will understand your fears. It’s also important that they are experienced outdoor climbers who know how to climb safely and can support you as you make the transition from indoors to outside.

How to Progress as a Beginner

Molly advises that new climbers should climb as much as they possibly can. Climbing is the best way to get better at climbing! Try different kinds of climbs and holds and give your body time to let climbing start to feel instinctive. Climbing with more experienced people is also a good way to learn, make sure to observe their technique and how they move when they’ve been on the wall a long time.

The Role of Height in Climbing

Molly advises that height is factor but not a limiting one. At five foot two, Molly often finds herself climbing alongside much taller athletes but her philosophy is that “we are all doing the same sport” and being either tall or small carries with it both advantages and disadvantages on the wall.

The Best Way to Improve Arm & Finger Strength

There are no short cuts here and finger strength is something you have to build up over a number of years. To start with Molly advises that beginners should climb as much as possible, progressing to more climbing on smaller holds where you have your feet to support you. As you become more advanced, you can start using a finger board or pull up bar to become stronger.’s #NoFunStandingStill AT HOME initiative features exclusive advice and workouts from our ambassadors and experts, helping runners and all fitness enthusiasts to stay motivated, fit and active – at home. Tune in via @sportsshoes Instagram for our latest livestreams covering everything you need to know from stretching and mobility to nutrition and motivating playlists.

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